Colony Rules


With guidance, we have allowed the Beavers to take ownership of the colony rules and help create them. These are things that are expected of Beavers and follow the theme of the beaver promise and moto. When a leader or adult raises their hand, Beavers should stop what they are doing, raise their hands and listen. This is to show respect but more importantly, listen to instruction.

For your child’s safety and enjoyment we operate a zero tolerance to bullying, hitting, aggressive, disruptive or unacceptable behaviour at 1st Winnersh Beavers.

On occasions, we may give Beavers a ‘time out’. This is usually when their behaviour is disrupting the rest of the colony. We feel time out is an effective discipline technique as it allows the beaver space to calm and reflect on their actions.

In the unlikely event that a Beaver behaves in an unacceptable way the leadership team may issue a ‘Yellow Card’. One of the leadership team will discuss the situation with the Beaver along with their parent or carer. If another ‘Yellow Card’ is issued then the Beaver concerned may miss the following week or could even be excluded from a forthcoming event e.g. an overnight camp. With Beavers we will try to make sure this does not happen and try to work with parents to find other solutions whenever possible.

If your child has special needs that may affect their behaviour then please let us know. Please also note Wokingham have a charity called Me2 and they maybe able to help with a one to one helper that can assist your child with any difficulties or needs.


Should your child not be able to attend at any time, please let us know, either in person or writing. Dropping an email or text is acceptable but we cannot accept verbal messages from other Beavers. This allows us to better plan the meetings.

Parents Rota

Our Beaver Colonies are run by volunteer leaders who are DBS checked and undergo First Aid training.

Sometimes work or life commitments can crop up. In order to ensure maximum use of time we like to have parent helpers. You are able to sign up to help through My.SCOUT which shows what is coming up on the programme and how many parent helpers are needed.

Some groups run a compulsory parent/carer rota but this is something we would like to avoid. However, if it means that we cannot run certain activities due to not having parent helpers, we may need to look at the rota system.